The Hans Kaspar company was founded in 1925.

Initially, it produced margarine and cooking fat for the baking trade with two employees in Zürich. The first million in turnover was already achieved after just five years.

In 1935, after the tragic death of the founder whilst saving a drowning child's life, his wife Emmy Kaspar-Feller took over the management. She converted the company into a public limited company and managed this with huge success for 35 years, as one of the first Swiss female managers. Different products were developed under her leadership, some of which are still sold today in a more up-to-date form.

In 1970, Ms Emmy Kaspar-Feller handed over the management of the company to her nephew, Dr. Jean-Frédéric Feller. It is thanks to his mediation talent that former tough competitors today work closely together with Hans Kaspar AG. Together with the management board, the company focused on supplying industrial clients in the food sector.

In 2010, Dr. Jean-Frédéric Feller died at the age of 87. Thanks to his vision he already embedded his legacy into the company early on, to preserve the innovation, philosophy of quality and tradition. Today's generation is extending the expansion strategy by opening up other markets abroad.

In 2021, the Orkla Food Ingredients group acquires Hans Kaspar AG.

The success story continues!