Refinement of Chocolate


How about liquid sprinkles of caramel in your chocolate? We offer various types of caramel slivers for just this, as after a few days they turn into fine caramel chips. If this is not what you want, you could simply use our variants sugar-coated with cocoa butter. The fine film of fat acts as a protective layer that stabilises the nougat sliver and keeps it crunchy in the chocolate. Our creations are furthermore the absolute perfect addition to chocolate coatings or glazes. With our natural products, you will create a balanced symbiosis of caramel and chocolate, accompanied by a light crunchiness.


Croquant always makes a fantastic addition to ice cream products. Our croquants are also used in biscuits, chocolate, ice-cream and muesli mixes.

A wide variety of nuts are sliced using traditional production technology in our roasting plant, then blended with various types of sugar and refined to croquant in special, gas-heated roasters. They are then calibrated according to customer requirements. Other materials can be used to make croquant in addition to nuts, such as pure cacao nips or puffed rice.

Flavouring Pastes

Are you looking for extremely fine, dry flavouring pastes? Since our 100% natural flavouring paste is so fine, <20 µm, you can use it directly in chocolate.

Our customers also use some of our pastes to colour chocolate, standard fillings or fat glazes for the chocolate industry. This creates a shiny golden colour highlighted with a delicate hint of caramel.

Thrill your customers!